Professional Man and Van Hire Near Me


Moving is stressful.

But if you’re looking for well-reviewed and professional movers all-in-one place where you can compare quotes with no hidden fees; look no further.

With VanUMove UK's free and instant quotes, your next move will be hassle-free.

Book a man and van hire near me to relieve your moving stresses.

Why Choose Man with a Van Hire?

People across the UK are searching for "man and van hire near me" because it's a cost-effective, efficient and straightforward way to move your items.

If they fit in the van, we move them for you.

Our man and van hire quotes are one of our most popular choices because:

  • Our service is personalised.
  • Man with a van hire is flexible and affordable for all budgets.
  • Short-notice moves are our bread and butter.

Do you need the ability to book a moving van and man hire last minute?

If so, fill out our quote form, and we'll connect you with the leading man and van options in your area that are available at the last minute.

Man and Van Hire Near Me: Convenient and Efficient

Moving doesn't need to be expensive. When you book a man and van for hire, you benefit from the following:

  • Efficient teams, ready and waiting to help move your items.
  • Ability to make last-minute bookings for anytime convenience.
  • Confidence that your items will arrive safely.
  • Emergency move options – even on holiday.

When you hire man with a van, you're helping keep a local mover in business and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

When you need items moved last minute, these services will save you money.


Finding A Reliable Man and Van for Hire

Finding man and van hire near me that’s reliable needs a bit of due diligence:

  • Read through driver reviews.
  • Ask about how long the company has spent in the industry.
  • Request the compensation cover maximum they have in place.
  • Inquire about any and all fees.

We pride ourselves on offering instant man with a van hire quotes from vetted drivers with experience across the United Kingdom.

How to Compare Man and Van Quotes?

Man and van quotes can help you determine overall costs, but how do you compare quotes to find the best option for your move?

Start With Price

When choosing a reliable mover, the quoted price is one of the most important things to consider. If the price is too low or high, consider the hire carefully.

A low price can mean inexperience, while a high price may be out of your budget.



Our platform offers reviews of each driver that provides quotes. Read through these reviews to narrow down your options and choose a driver who is:

  • Well-rated
  • Trusted
  • Experienced

If a driver doesn't have reviews yet, it might mean they're new to the platform.

Van Size

Will the total capacity of the van fit all of the items you want to transport?

If not, you may find one that does or consider a different moving option, like hiring multiple drivers to handle your move.

Moving Van and Man Hire: The Perfect Solution

A moving van and man hire is the perfect solution for anyone who:

  • Has a last-minute move or needs quick help.
  • Has just enough small items to fill a van.
  • Plans on moving locally (long-distance moves are available).
  • Wants safety conscious drivers to ensure their items reach their destination in one piece and on time.
  • Needs residential or commercial moving options.

Your items deserve the care and attention necessary to arrive at their new location safe and sound.

Work with a trusted van and man who will put the same attention to detail into your move that you would.


Do You Drive the Van?

No. Our man and van for hire service offer instant quotes from drivers partnered with our platform. We choose the best drivers in the UK to help make moving your items hassle-free.

Who Do I Contact If I Have a Problem?

Our customer support team includes all live support members who are knowledgeable in the moving industry. Contact us if you have any questions; we'll happily resolve your questions and/or issues.

How Much Can I Fit in a Van?

Every van is different. But we offer an easy-to-use calculator to help you better estimate how many items you can fit in your van hire.